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Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about the Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit.

Are bi-fuel vehicles eligible to receive the Clean Fuels Tax Credit?

Yes, bi-fuel vehicles and EPA certified bi-fuel conversions are eligible to receive the Clean Fuels Tax Credit.


Are hybrids eligible for the Clean Fuel Tax Credit?

Hybrids that meet the air quality and fuel economy standards outlined in Utah Code Annotated 59-10-1009(1)(a) and (f)(2) or Utah Code Annotated 59-7-605(1)(a) and (f)(2) and are purchased after January 1, 2009 may qualify for a tax credit. The tax credit is $750 for vehicles that were purchased between January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010. The tax credit is $605 for eligible motor vehicles that are bought on or after January 1, 2011. Click here to see the lists of vehicles that may be eligible to receive the Air Quality and Fuel Economy Standards Tax Credit.



Are there Federal tax credits available?

Visit the IRS' Qualified Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicles (QUFMV) and Heavy Hybrid Vehicles Website to view Federal tax credits that may be available.


Do I have to re-certify my TC40V to claim the carryover?

If the TC40V that has been certified is Rev 7/08 or later ( or ( you will not need to re-certify. If your signed TC40V is Rev. 12/07 or earlier you will need to submit a copy of the old TC40V along with a completed TC40V (make sure that it is the rev. 7/08) to UDAQ (email, fax, mail, or drop it off).


How can I find an alternative fueling station?

The most comprehensive lists of CNG stations are available from the following
web sites:

-U.S. DOE- maintained site of U.S. stations

- Map quest Gas Pricing
- U.S. DOE mobile phone app
- WestStart/CALSTART- maintained web site



How can I tell if my vehicle has already received the tax credit?

The Division of Air Quality maintains a database of VIN numbers which have taken the tax credit. Click here to determine if your vehicle has already claimed the clean fuel tax credit. You can also email the VIN to or contact Mat Carlile at 801-536-4136.


How Can I submit my TC40V and Required documents?

You can email (, send them in the mail (Utah Division of Air Quality
P.O. Box 144820 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4820), drop them off at our building ( 195 North 1950 West, 4th floor Salt Lake City, Utah), or fax them (801-536-0085).

We will then review the TC40V and the associated documentation to determine if the vehicle is eligible for the tax credit. If it is we will sign and stamp the TC40V and send the TC40V back to you. If something is missing we will send out a letter explaining what is missing.

Is the title good enough to show proof of purchase?

The title by itself is not sufficient to show proof of purchase. If there is no bill of sale you may need some other type of documentation. Please contact Mat Carlile 801-536-4136.


What if my eligible tax credit exceeds my tax liability?

If the credit claimed exceeds the tax liability for a taxable year, the credit that exceeds the liability may be carried forward for up to five taxable years.